Humming Sour

Humming Sour

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Our new single hopped sour ale was brewed with pineapple. It’s fruity yet not sweet, tart with a light hint of mint. Not too bitter, not too sour, this 4.0% ABV fruity sour ale is simply perfect for summer and hot days!


Fancy a drink? We recommend to serve it with fresh mint in a nice glass added to it.

"I don't like beer and prefer cocktail". No excuse for finding the perfect beer for your taste. With this beer you can also do a Humming Hugo Sour. Yes, you read that right: Hugo. Just add some Lemon, Elderberries syrup, Half bottle of Humming Sour, one sip of a Sect and ice to your glass and there you have your drink. Very refreshing!


ABV 4.0% | IBU 10

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